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Earthen architecture today

Earth has conquered the field of contemporary architecture and the hundreds of buildings of exceptional aesthetic and technical quality emerging all over the world are capturing the interest of the media and the profession. From housing, public facilities and mixed-use buildings, to interior and landscape design, the 40 projects described in this book were selected from among the 357 submissions received for the TERRA Award, the first Global Prize for Contemporary Earthen Architecture. Built with adobe, cob, compressed earth block, rammed earth or wattle and daub, these inspiring examples from six continents encourage the rediscovery of an abundant and cost-effective material, whose transformation requires minimal energy.
A major contribution to the social-ecological transition!


Available in english, french and german.


Author : Dominique Gauzin-Müller
Illustrations : Pauline Sémon
Edition : Museo / CRAterre
in partnership with amàco

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