FIBRA, building with plant fibres

Lime-hemp or load bearing straw-bale walls, bamboo structures, reed roofing and cladding, wicker railings…., these are only some of the techniques presented throughout the projects of the 50 finalists of the FIBRA Award 2019. The exhibition showcases the many beneficial aspects from using these fibre materials, from structural load-bearing capacities to great thermal and hygrometric qualities.


Showcase the FIBRA exhibition where you are!

The FIBRA exhibition was conceived to be able to adapt itself to the places that welcome it. According to the exhibition space we will curate together a scenography to show the Award. The exhibition may include the following:

  • 50 detailed panels with the finalists of the FIBRA Award
  • 10 detailed panels with examples of vernacular architecture
  • 6 explanatory panels showing construction methods
  • 1:1 scale samples of plant fibres so the visitor can experience the material firsthand
  • 5 tables with materials and tools
  • scientific videos and construction videos
  • furniture and objects of design

For any further queries please contact us at contact@amaco.org